Boost your business in Asia.

Your Asian business is key to your international strategy. You have challenges in Asia like these:

  • A leadership team dealing with complexity
  • Staff struggling with intercultural barriers
  • A huge need to create a culture of innovation
  • Leaders managing things instead of leading people
  • An unfinished change story (reorganization, merger)
  • HR not yet a real business partner

We offer several key services for your Asia business.

Train your Asian Staff in Management Techniques

  • Basic management skills
  • Finance for non-finance people
  • Managing projects effectively
  • Excellence as HR business partner
  • Dealing with change
  • Intercultural awareness
  • Powerful communication with international partners

Grow your Asian Leadership Talents

  • Lead Asian and international leaders
  • Lead Asian teams
  • Lead in complex organizations
  • Deal with ambiguity
  • Become an innovation leader
  • Lead change in Asia
  • Coach country/ regional/ functional managers

Develop a Local High Performance Culture

  • Achieve a sustainable reorganization
  • Build a corporate innovation mindset
  • Foster a feedback culture
  • Develop & coach high performance teams
  • Build a best-in-class HR organization
  • Merge company cultures effectively

Highly Asia-experienced trainers & consultants on board.

Dr. Stefan Fries

„Times change, and we change with them”

Stefan Fries has been a trainer and change management consultant since 1992. A native German, he studied Industrial Engineering at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and Université Paris-Dauphine a leading business university in France. After  his Master Degree and some time as consultant in a leading German process management consultancy, he continued with a Ph.D in Business Administration at the University of St. Gallen, the leading Business School in the German-Speaking world. During that time he spent two years as visiting scholar at the MIT Sloan Business School in Cambrige (USA) and the Portland State University in Oregon (USA).

He is also a certified Quality Management auditor, has certifications in several humanistic therapy formats (NLP, TA), personality inventories (MBTI, DISC) and several change management tools (PROSCI, RTSC, Open Space, AI, …). Stefan speaks German, English and French.

Stefan has accumulated in his 22 years of practice an extensive experience in consulting, leadership training and coaching. His work focus now mainly on the design and lead of change projects and the design and delivery of international leadership programs.

He worked in different industry segments: Automotive, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, High Tech,  Industrial Goods, Professional Services. His clients included large German DAX Companies, typical German “Mittelstand” companies and multinational companies.

Stefan has done project work in several regions and countries: West & East Europe, USA, Russia, Brazil, Iran, UAE, South Africa. In last two years, he has designed  and conducted large events, leadership and change management trainings, team buildings workshops and individual coachings in several countries of the Asia Pacific region (Australia, China, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan).

Ruth Schaefer

"When a man knows what is not useful, you can then begin to speak to him of what is useful." (Zhuangzi: The Necessity of the Unnecessary)

Ruth Schaefer has been a senior trainer, systemic business coach and consultant in the international realm since 1996. A native of Germany, she studied Sinology, Business Economics and American Studies in Munich, Taipei, Beijing and Honolulu and holds a Master Degree. She is also a certified Commercial Correspondent and a certified Systemic Business Coach. She lived and worked in Beijing and Taipei for several years, and continues to do business in China and other regions of Asia as well as the USA. She also lectured at different universities. Ruth speaks German, English, Chinese and French.

Ruth has accumulated extensive experience through process-related consulting activity such as assisting in foundation and organization of a joint venture, in organizing research and development in China, and supporting companies in developing suitable marketing strategies for the Asian markets.

As a trainer and systemic business coach in Asia or with Asians her experience covers among others

  • design and realization of leadership training courses and leadership coaching for (Asian, European, US-American, International) leaders and executives. Her passion is to combine intercultural knowledge with newest and established leadership techniques.
  • meta-communication and implementation of a future-oriented feedback culture. Her communication and feedback tools were designed to bridge differences we find within Asian, European and American approaches - but also within Asia itself.
  • teambuilding and team development trainings and coachings for Asian or international teams- virtual and face2face teams. Cultural aspects are integrated into proven methods and tools.
  • creativity techniques and innovation in Asian-international teams. Newest and proven creativity techniques are implemented in a way that local conditions – such as different educational systems – are considered. 
Ise Patenburg

For our external world to change there must be a shift in our interior landscape

Ise Pantenburg has been a senior trainer, NLP Master and consultant in the international environment since 1998. Born in Germany, she studied Social Pedagogics with emphasis on Adult Education/ Training at the Foundation Higher Technical College Munich and holds a Master Degree. She is also a certified Instructor for Persolog (DISC) personality model. She lived in Cape town, South Africa for several years. Her business activities in realm of training, coaching and consulting change projects are in Europe, China, Singapore, Korea, India and South Africa. Ise speaks German and English. Her emphasis is to work in a very respectful way on the value level bridging different personalities and cultures. This will be combined with newest and established leadership techniques.

As a trainer and consultant in Asia or with Asians her experience covers among others

  • design and realization of leadership programs and leadership coaching for (Asian, European, International) leaders.
  • establishing a professional communication culture with practicable tools for leadership dialog and feedback to overcome cultural and personal differences in teams and companies.
  • teambuilding and team development trainings and coachings for Asian or international teams. Cultural aspects are integrated into tuning team methods and tools.
  • Coaching the people side of projects with management and change tools to  strengthen the success. Cultural Change within companies is one of her favorites. -
Katharina Henning-Kaul

Katharina Henning-Kaul is a trainer, consultant and coach with 20 years of international & intercultural business experience. She works with clients from a number of different industries and countries in the areas of sales, marketing, leadership and effective communication. 

Before she started her career as a consultant & trainer, Katharina has held various leadership responsibilities in Sales & Marketing, in multi-level operational and cross-functional roles in small business and global organisations. She cumulated business experience in the areas of marketing management, marketing communication, sales management, network management, intercultural behaviour, leading multi-cultural teams, customer service, regulatory affairs, product development, general management, professional training and education and business counselling. 

With her intercultural background she also handled consulting projects & sales excellence initiatives for globally acting companies in HongKong, Singapore, Thailand and India. These included e.g. sales excellence and leadership course in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry, as well as consultative work in organisational restructuring in the insurance sector. 

Katharina lived in France, Belgium, USA, Australia and Switzerland and has been working with clients and colleagues internationally for the past 20 years. She facilitates in German, English and French. 

Katharina holds an MBA in International Marketing and International Trade. She undertook a 3-year professional coaching training curriculum at the Institute of Strategic Communications in Munich, Germany and holds German and international certificates as Master Coach and Trainer. She uses a variety of psychometric methods, accelerated learning methods, and effective communication mindsets such as NVC.

Katharina is a working Mum, having 3 kids, living with her husband in the Düsseldorf area in Germany.

Xiang Hong Liu

Xiang Hong Liu has been a senior trainer, systemic business coach and consultant in the international realm since 2002. 

As a native Chinese, grown up in Mainland China and Taiwan, she studied International Business Economics in Munich and worked in a management position in an international company based in Munich for 5 years before she became a coach.

Xiang Hong is specialized in high potential and leadership development, team effectiveness and coaching. Furthermore, she supports companies in designing, launching and implementing HR development tools in Asia. Xiang Hong also has long-term experience in intercultural competency training, assessment centres, 360° feedback processes as well as employee satisfaction surveys in multinational companies. She successfully supported several German-Chinese Joint-Ventures in organizational development since 2003 and has coached more than 100 Chinese Managers.

Since 2007 she is continuously involved in diverse programs in China and South East Asia. Six to seven times a year she is travelling to destinations like China, Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, Southern Korea, Japan, India, as well as Arabic Emirates, South Africa and many European countries. 

Her rich field experience determines her pragmatic and solution oriented approach.

She is a certified Systemic Business Coach, a certified Commercial Correspondent, a certified Project Manager and a certified Internal Auditor. Xiang Hong is also a licensed implementer of a range of psychometric tests, including DISC, The International Profiler, Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire, The 9 Values Systems. 

She is author of several articles in professional journals and facilitates distance learning courses in the area of intercultural skills (AKAD) and lectures at Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University.

Xiang Hong’s working languages are German, English and Chinese.

Marcus Classen

Markus Classen has been a senior trainer, systemic business coach and consultant in the international Realm since 1995. A native of Germany, he studied Economics and Management an Organisational Theory in Berlin and holds a Master Degree.

He is also a certified Systemic Business Coach and certified Snowboard-Instructor. Before starting his training business, he has worked for a Global German Company in Germany and the USA in the Finance/Controlling department. He lived and worked in the USA for two years. He speaks German and English fluently.

Markus has accumulated extensive experience through training and consulting activity worldwide. He has conducted trainings outside Europe in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Thailand, as in some Arabic countries (e.g. Saudi-Arabia).

As a trainer and systemic business coach in Asia or with Asians his experience covers among others design and realization of finance, strategy and leadership training courses for (Asian, European, US American, International) leaders and executives. His passion is to combine the newest and established Training Techniques with intercultural knowledge.

  • design workshops to improve entrepeneurial mindset, strategic and financial understanding for technical experts, excecutives and their teams
  • combination of state-of-the-art leadership theory with hands-on practical experiences by using Business simulations and Case studies in mixed teams.
  • Basics of General management and Finance for non-financial managers
  • With the training methods he uses, international teams will overcome intercultural barriers and experience, how to manage a company in an international globalized world.
  • Projectmanangement and Projectcontrolling in international projects.
Kiriko Nishiyama

“Bow but don't fold over”

Kiriko Nishiyama, born and raised in Japan, works as a trainer, consultant and a certified coach in Germany since 2005. After completing her degree Bachelor of Arts in Journalism in Ithaca, USA, she worked as an English-language journalist for the global news agency Agénce France-Presse (AFP) in Tokyo. In 2002, her personal relationship led her to relocate to Munich, Germany, where she acquired German language skills and discovered a passion for working as a cross-cultural management trainer. Utilising her Japanese cultural background together with her experience in Europe and USA, Kiriko gives trainings, coachings and lectures for commercial enterprises and academic institutions across Germany and neighboring countries as well as in Japan. From 2007 until 2014 she represented the Japanese prefecture of Shiga in Bavaria, assisting environmental exchange activities. She gained depth in the academic analyses of cross-cultural management by engaging herself in a research project at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. Kiriko speaks Japanese, English and German.

Through her trainings, coachings and consulting activities, Kiriko assists Japanese and European medium-to-large sized enterprises in areas ranging from human resources, project management, marketing and sales to the launch of a joint research project. Her experience as an official Shiga representative included coordinating political and academic exchange, research and strategy development targeting the European market entry by Japanese enterprises and initiating marketing campaigns including trade fair visits and participations.

Kiriko’s expertise are geared to assist Asian and European enterprises in the areas including:

  • Organisational behaviour and human resource management, integrating theories with concrete case studies while adopting the content to the business field , corporate culture and strategy of each client.
  • Consulting for the launch of a subsidiary in the Japanese or European market. This includes the assessment and selection of suited personnel profiles, development of market entry strategy and action steps while maintaining a cross-cultural awareness as a ground to boost  behavioral flexibility.
  • Multicultural team-building activities with the focus on Japan, USA and Europe, targetting engineers, group leaders and top management.
  • Cross-cultural coachings to sensitse leaders of diverse values and skills in global human resources management.
Marci Liu

„Change is a process from old to new, it’s neutral. It is all up to our tough, attitude and behavior to make it fun or difficult.”

Marci Liu has been a trainer and HR specialist since 2000. Before studying Human Resource Development at the Industry Technology Education School of Indiana State University (USA), Marci developed employee training program for firms such as Pharmacia (USA), Aventis (France) and JIT Tobacco International (Japan).

She is also trained in Personal Profile Analysis (PPA), Organizational Coaching, experienced in personality inventories (MBTI, DISC) and acts a trainer of the Institute for Social & Emotional Intelligence.

Marci has accumulated in her 16 years of practice an extensive experience in HR Development, Organizational Development and Leadership coaching Program. She worked as Talent Development Director for and as HR Director for Acer in China in 2014 and 2015.

Marci Liu worked in different industry segments: Automotive, High Tech, Consuming Goods and Pharmacy for large national and multinational companies. She has done jobs and projects in China, Taiwan and studied in the United States of America.

Pragmatic, on site, fast and with proven success.

  • More than 8 highly Asia-experienced trainers & consultants on board
  • Delivery in English, German, Chinese & Japanese possible
  • Showcases with DAX30 companies & German Mittelstand upon request

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